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The Story & Journey of bangari® Agro Naturals

Today, The bangari® brand is one of the proud quality fresh milk supplier in Mysuru city & A natural health & nutrition company in India. bangari® Agro Naturals was founded in the early 2015 as a fresh milk producer and was initially recognized by co-operative milk societies. Later, with constant advancements in cattle maintenance & management techniques,  bangari® became one of the best among the very few quality milk suppliers. Very soon bangari® entered into consumer retail fresh milk market as premium whole milk supplier. Today we place our expertise in centralized & decentralized herd management, Packaging, Consumer Sales & Service.

Today after a considerable short journey, we are proud to stand as the exclusive quality fresh milk supplier among many regional & national dairy brands & A key fresh milk supplier in Mysuru.

2015 - Founded bangari® Fresh Milk Dairy
2015 - Associated with Co-Op Milk Societies
2016 - Awarded by Co-op's “Best Quality Milk Supplier”
2016 - Entered Consumer Fresh Milk Market
2016 - Became one of the Premium milk Supplier
2016 - bangari® "Sampoorna" was named & branded
2016 - Upgraded the full unit to Modern Dairy farm
2017 - bangari® Natural Production Standards Established
2018 - Launched Exclusive-"Elite" & Diet conscious -"Slim" Milk variants
2018 - Started R&D for continuous Quality assurance
2019 - Started Natural Nutrition Product Development
2019 - Formulated - "bangari® -KESAR BADAM MIX"
2020 - Introduced - "bangari® -TRADITIONAL BUTTER"
2022 - Introduced - "bangari® -PROBIOTIC CURD"
2023 - Officially incorporated - "BANGARI AGRO NATURALS LLP"

Quality & Safety: 

bangari® is giving greater emphasis on producing quality milk from our farms under the concept of “Quality Excellence from Cows to Consumer.” Many initiatives have been implemented at all the stages of production, process control and marketing.

bangari® Dairy farm is forerunner to introduce this innovative technological initiative for bringing revolutionary improvement in quality of milk. This system has several advantages such as elimination of mastitis in milch animals and improvement of productivity. The milk from milking machines are stored under 4 degree Celsius. This chilled raw milk, untouched and unadulterated by human hands, has very high microbiological quality, comparable to international standards. This high quality milk is being home delivered directly to customers across Mysuru and also available in registered bangari® Distribution centers across Mysuru city.

Other Initiatives to maintain high quality and safety of the milk include: –

  • Training of bangari® farm milk producers on modern dairy husbandry practices.
  • Providing utensils, antiseptic solutions for udder cleaning on pre and post milking, etc. to bangari® farm producers.
  • Training to our all involved staffs and officers..
  • Replacing aluminium milk cans and collection vessels with SS –304 and also food graded containers.
  • Posters, documentary films and booklets on Clean Milk Production.

Values & Objectives


Our values

The values by bangari® performs its duties revolve around providing high-quality dairy products to meet daily nutritional needs of our trusting consumers.  Although our products speak for themselves we are perpetually striving to maintain high standards in production, packaging, storage and transportation of our dairy products. Our customers satisfaction and trust give us the required impetus to keep achieving new hallmarks and come up with even better dairy products.

We at bangari®, endeavor to instrument a perceptive, multi-faceted organization that is highly-motivated, team-oriented and dedicated to innovative solutions. Our core values are at the heart of the positive reputation, which we continue to build wherever we sell our products.

We live every day guided by our values of integrity, accountability, community, innovation, quality and passion. Whether it’s our members rising at 2:30 a.m.every morning all 365 days for the first milking of the day or our employees putting in extra hours to bring value to our customers, bangari®’s values serve as a compass for everyone in our organization. bangari® is a values-based enterprise, and these values drive our long-term strategic planning and everyday business decisions. As such, at bangari®, we believe …

  • Cows Care – The health and well-being of our dairy animals are our top priority.
  • Natural Quality – Organic agriculture removes the use of synthetics from food production, reduces our impacts on the environment and provides consumers a healthful choice they want.
  • Environmental Stewardship – We will be conscious of our impact on the planet and preserve our natural resources for future generations.
  • Integrity – We act ethically in all matters without exception.
  • Satisfaction – We must earn our customer’s business every day by delivering relevant, high-quality products at an exceptional value.
  • Accountability -We deliver on our commitments and hold ourselves responsible for our actions.
  • Community – We are committed to serving, leading and educating in the communities in which we live, and are connected to the greater agricultural community in which we operate.
  • Innovation – We support an innovative environment where employees are encouraged to take appropriate risks and challenge the status quo. New ideas and entrepreneurship from stakeholders and talent across our organization drive industry leadership.
  • Quality – We are committed to quality – the quality of our products, our services and our way of doing business.
  • Passion – We are passionate about the farmer-owners we work for, our jobs, the dairy industry, and about supplying the nation and the world with safe, nutritious products.


Our objectives


The guiding objective for our dairy farm practice is that safe, quality milk should be produced from healthy animals using management practices that are sustainable from an animal welfare, social, economic and environmental perspective.

To achieve this objective, our dairy farms has apply good practice in the following areas:

  • Animal Care
  • Housing
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Quality of Life
  • Quality of Milk

Animal Care

We at bangari® Dairy farm care about our cows and work hard to ensure each cow receives a nutritious diet, medical care, and comfortable places to live and exercise. Treating cows with compassion and respect is a way of life for our dairy farm.


bangari® Dairy farm cows live in spacious farm houses, where they can eat, drink, exercise and sleep wherever and whenever they want. This freedom to move about during the day is key to our cow’s well-being. The utmost thought and care goes into facility design from the roof to the flooring.

Some of our bangari® farms are free loose housing sheds provide shelter from the elements and the environment is controlled for cow’s safety and comfort. Floors are made with added concrete or stone slab traction that provides cows the security they need to move about without slipping. Barns have natural air free flows and water misters during hot weather and all have great ventilation year round.

Animal Nutrition

bangari® dairy farm cows have the ultimate healthy buffet, with access to feed and fresh water around the clock. A balanced and nutritious diet is the key for our cows to stay healthy and give high quality, wholesome and nutritious milk.

bangari® farm often work with nutritionists, feed supplier & veterinarians for help in maintaining this balance with the proper amounts of fiber, protein, and fat for a cow’s all stages of life and the amount of quality milk they produce. The menu is thoughtfully prepared and includes hay, pasture, silage (chopped corn or grass that is fermented and retains a great deal of the nutrients present in the plant) grains, protein sources, vitamins and minerals.

Quality of Life

Quality care equals high quality milk, bangari® Dairy farm care about our cows and work hard to make sure each cow receives a nutritious diet, medical care, and comfortable places to live and exercise. The ultimate goal is the health and well-being of the cows.

Quality of Milk

Quality milk starts with healthy cows. It’s untouched by human hand right through the entire cycle – from milking to bottling/packaging. Milk is harvested and stored under hygienic conditions. Equipment used to harvest and store milk are well maintained. We follow Novel, Natural, Nutritious and No-adulteration ideologies.

Quality milk starts with healthy cows & end with hygienic packing and clean delivery of the milk.

The fundamental objective of every enterprise is to grow & serve a larger consumer base better. Since our inception, all our strides have been for Quality & growth oriented.

Our objective is to perpetually seek opportunities for growth so that we can make unique and valuable contribution to the society and environment.

Animal Welfare


The humane treatment of animals is a fundamental principle of Quality Milk production. It is widely known that Quality Milk standards in dairy farming prohibit the use of antibiotics and/or growth hormones that cows must have regular access to pasture and the outdoors (weather permitting), and that cows may not be fed genetically modified feeds(GMF). bangari® Agro Naturals has developed standards of animal well-being and sustainable land practices based on farmers’ expertise.

For proper organic growth of the cows, our animal welfare outlook includes feed rations, appropriate housing, pasture conditions and sanitation practices for animals; conditions which allow for freedom of movement and reduction of stress, prevention of disease, and administration of approved medications under quality Milk production standards.

At bangari®, Natural integrity is at the core of our business model and our relationships with cows. Quality of the milk is very important to us and quality does not refer only to our products, but also to the quality and sustainability of peoples Life, animals and the earth. Our Animal Welfare Programmer includes the following:

Quality Milk Medical Practices:

In general, medical treatment practices on an quality milk dairy are as follows: Vaccinations are allowed as long as they are not derived from genetically modified organisms(GMO), but antibiotics and hormones are not allowed. The rules for raising dairy cows are extremely detailed and we have listed the practices we apply at our dairy below.

No Modified Antibiotics

On a certified quality milk dairy, cows are never given modified antibiotics.

No Hormones

At bangari® Dairy farms, we never use any type of hormones for our cows. The use of hormones is illegal on certified quality milk dairies. Instead, dairies rely mainly on the cows’s natural cycles to stimulate their biological functions.

Closed herd

We maintain a “closed herd” on our dairy. It means that we never bring in any outside People/animals to our farm. By restricting People/animals from the outside farm coming in, we avoid the potential of infection from diseases such as Foot & Mouth disease (F&M) or other viruses.

Maintaining a closed herd is not a common practice on all dairies (Natural or conventional). We take utmost precautions to keep our cows healthy and safe.

Minimize Animal Stress.

To minimize stress on bangari® Dairy cows, they are provided with clean bedding made of natural Mud. Plenty of space to move is essential. In few of our locations, our cows are taken to graze from spring through fall out on pasture nearby on a routine practice. Another great advantage for our cows is the climate support and green belt area of the village and the frequent morning fog, which makes for a cooler climate & which is comfortable for cows.

Herd management

Our calves spend their first few weeks in a communal space in an open barn, where they are able to feed on warm, pasteurized, Quality milk at any time of day. After weaning and two months more of growing, young heifers graze on pasture in the fields. Milking cows graze during the spring, summer and fall in fields on a rotational basis, and spend as much time outside as weather permits.

At bangari®, we always believe in keep innovating to introduce all possible global standard techniques & technologies to explore new heights in animal well-being.

Working Standards

As every dairies have their own unique methods of milk production, bnagari® also follows some eight key steps in milk production process. Those eight steps are (in order):

1. Rearing

2. Harvesting

3. Storing

4. Transportation

5. Analysis

6. Processing – bangari® doesn’t process Milk for any bi-Product.

7. Packaging

8. Sales


Step 1 – Rearing

Dairy cows typically spend their days eating, sleeping, and ruminating/chewing their cud. Cows in bangari® dairy farms wander around and eat fresh grass fed in the feeding zone (i.e. grazing). Cows are fed concentrated rich protein feeds, green fodder and also dry fodder (in some seasons).

Step 2 – Harvesting

In the Past:

A cow is ready to be milked when her udder is full. As a farmers basically, we had some flexibility when making a schedule of cow milking times. Cows are milked in the early morning and again in the late afternoon. It is possible to milk a cow by hand. However, milking a whole herd of cows twice a day in this manner would take a great deal of time and energy. Before the invention of milking machines, our ancestors used to milk cows by hand by squeezing gently on the cow’s teats using the thumb and forefinger.


Cows are normally milked twice a day in exact divided time intervals. Milking time takes about five minutes per cow depending on the amount of milk the cow is producing. Milking machines mimic the action of a young calf by creating a pulsating vacuum around the teat, which causes the milk to be released from the udder. Milking by a machine is a better deal compared to hand milking as the milk would be very hygienic and clean without any cow’s udder dirt.


Step 3 – Storing

Milk storage vats or silos are refrigerated. Milk is not stored at farm & it doesn’t spend more than 1 hours. Vats and silos are agitated to make sure that the entire volume remains room temperature until transported and that the milk fat does not separate from the milk. After milk has been collected, storage in stainless steel/food grade cans and are thoroughly cleaned before the milking again.


Step 4 – Transportation

Milk is collected from the farm every 12 hours of intervals immediately after milking process to ensure its freshness. The tankers/Can vehicles that we use have special stainless steel/Food grade bodies which are insulated to keep the milk in room temperature during transportation to the storage and packing(S&P) facility. Milk Transport drivers are accredited milk graders, qualified to evaluate the milk prior to collection. Vehicle drivers grade and if necessary reject milk based on temperature & other set quality parameters. A representative sample is collected from each farm pickup prior to being transported. After all checks, milk is transported to our S&P units and stored in refrigerated silos before packaging.

Step 5 – Analysis

Samples of milk are taken from our farms prior to transportation and arrival at the factory. Samples from the bulk quantities are tested for antibiotics, Fat and temperature before the milk enters the S&P Unit. Farm milk samples are tested for milk fat, protein, bulk milk cell count and bacteria count. If milk does not meet quality standards it is rejected. Most farmers are paid on the quality and composition of their milk.

Step 6 – Processing

As we are premium fresh whole milk farm, We don’t do/have no facility to do milk Pasteurization and Homogenization as its done in most big dairies.  Further processing Includes micro-filtration & Cream separation in some cases. We are delivering milk as fresh as its from the Cow, ensuring the full rich Milk protein and its nutritional value. We have no Standardization/Powder Processing facility.

Step 7 – Packaging & Chilling

After safe storage, Now the milk is ready to be packaged for delivery directly to customer homes & also to the bangari® Distribution centers . The milk travels through Filling machine pipes to the Signature bangari® Glass Bottles. As the glass containers lie on the capping and assembly area, a aluminium seal is included before capping on each of them to ensure how long the milk will stay fresh. As the milk is a pure Whole milk without any processing, bangari® always recommends the full consumption within the same day of purchase (if stored in proper cold conditions, shelf life may be slightly upper). Also it is better if it’s boiled and stored.


Step 8 – Sales

After packaging & chilling, the milk is finally ready for the deliveries or it is stored in a chiller until it is delivered directly to customer homes & also to the bangari® Distribution centers.